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Menu Options

All menus listed include their base pricing for all event types. After your consultation, you will receive a direct quote on pricing. 

Health Warnings

  1. Allergen Advisory: Our dishes may contain common allergens; please inform us of any allergies or dietary restrictions.

  2. Cross-Contamination Notice: Trace amounts of allergens may be present due to kitchen handling practices.

  3. Consumption of Raw or Undercooked Foods: Eating raw or undercooked foods may increase the risk of foodborne illnesses.

  4. Freshness and Storage Guidelines: Consume dishes promptly and follow provided storage instructions.

  5. Food Safety Disclaimer: Mishandling or consuming expired food may pose risks.

  6. Utensil and Equipment Handling: Handle our utensils and equipment with care to prevent accidents.

  7. Venue Safety Reminder: Ensure event venues meet health and safety requirements.

  8. Special Diets Disclaimer: Special diet options are prepared in a shared kitchen; cross-contamination will be observed and monitored.

  9. Ingredient and Nutritional Information: Variations may exist due to seasonal availability or sourcing changes.

  10. Liability Limitation: We cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions, illnesses, or injuries resulting from our food or equipment.

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